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Destiny 2 TWAB details weapon changes ahead of Grandmaster Nightfalls

The Grandmaster Nightfalls are starting soon and Bungie has used its’ TWAB blog to detail the upcoming, meta-changing Destiny 2 midseason weapon changes update

Destiny 2 TWAB Midseason 17 weapon changes: an image of some Destiny 2 guardians fighting a blue ice monster

Much like other popular free-to-play live service games, Destiny 2 is always changing – whether we’re talking about cosmetics, seasonal content, or the meta. A lot of people might not consider Destiny 2 a competitive multiplayer game, but it has a solid set of PvP modes alongside the ever-popular PvE content – and, with all the new weapons, Bungie has to constantly tweak them to keep everything balanced. Ahead of the start of the Grandmaster Nightfalls, Bungie has used this week’s TWAB blog to detail some of the midseason weapon changes coming in the next Season 17 update.

One aspect of Destiny 2’s gunplay Bungie is touching on with its’ upcoming midseason weapon changes update is airborne effectiveness. What does this mean? Well… This is, as simple as it sounds, how being in the air affects each weapon’s performance.

You may be surprised to learn that it actually has quite an impact on your accuracy and how aim assist works – if you have that enabled. But, it looks like Bungie is reevaluating the changes it made to “making weapons too easy to use while airborne” and you should be hopping around getting kills in no time.

In order to do this, interestingly, Bungie is going to improve the “baseline airborne accuracy and aim-assist for all Primary weapons” by reducing the penalties of being airborne for Auto Rifles, Pulse Rifles, Scout Rifles, and Submachine Guns by 40%. And, to finish things off, penalties for Bows will be reduced by 30% and 20% for Sidearms and Hand Cannons. Several perks, including Air Assault, Extended Mag, and Steady Rounds, will now also offer an airborne effectiveness buff on top of their other effects.

In addition to this, Bungie is also tweaking the base statistics for almost every weapon type available – including Exotics. Precision Hand Cannons are getting a minor buff alongside Auto Rifles, with both having increased body shot damage. Both Precision and High Impact Scout Rifles are also getting a damage buff and the PvE Shotgun pellet damage bonus is jumping from 10% to 25%.

Those of you who like using the GOAT that is the Gjallarhorn will be saddened to know that Wolfpack Rounds will deal half-damage to other players and the primary rocket isn’t going to have proximity detonation. However, Eriana’s Vow and Forerunner will both get more ammo from a Special Brick and a handful of these will also be more effective while airborne.

If you want to read all the changes for yourself, you can find them in this week’s TWAB blog post here. If you’re just looking to get stuck into Destiny 2 again, why not check out all the Destiny 2 Bobblehead locations here. Oh, there’s also the news that Destiny 2 fans need $240 and some luck to nab the Gjallarhorn NERF gun – which will annoy some of you.