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Deathloop voice actor Jason Kelley teases new project

The voice actor of Deathloop's Colt has teased that he's working on a new videogame voice acting project, but he can't say what it is because of an NDA

deathloop voice actor jason kelley teases new project colt with two pistols

The voice actor of Deathloop’s protagonist Colt has caused a stir online after he teased that he’s back in the recording booth to record voice lines for a videogame.

Jason Kelley, an experienced actor both inside and outside of the world of videogames and who voiced Deathloop’s Colt as well as appearing in other notable titles such as Horizon Forbidden West, tweeted an image of himself donned in a pair of headphones and standing ready at a microphone. “Oooooooooo! Cannot wait to share what this one is,” the tweet reads.

The excitement, however, comes from the hashtags he uses below the post’s body, which, among others, includes the hashtags for “Deathloop,” “ColtjustColt, “and “BAFTA games.” When one eagle-eyed fan asked if this meant that Deathloop DLC was on the way, Kelley replied, “Nooope. New title. That’s all I can say…nda.”

The situation is currently unclear. Has Kelley simply used hashtags denoting his previous work so fans can get excited for his new project, or has the actor let slip something he shouldn’t have?

Technically, as Reddit user ‘cyreo’ points out, it could be a standalone expansion to Deathloop similar to how Death of the Outsider was a standlone title complementing the Dishonored series.

It’s also worth noting that this project could be for any company given Kelley’s extensive portfolio, but it’s a situation that is certainly worth keeping an eye on for further developments.