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Yes, the Dead Space Infested suit is meant to make you lose your head

Dying a gruesome death is part and parcel of the Dead Space remake experience, but one unique suit is actually decapitating Isaac Clarke before he's even begun.

Dead Space Isaac headless Infested Suit: an image of Isaac covered in blood from the horror game

We have all heard the saying that there’s a million ways to die in the west, but there are quite a few ways to die aboard the USG Ishimura too. From scary spinning fan blades to terrifying necromorphs, Isaac Clarke has to dodge death a fair bit in Motive Studio’s Dead Space remake. Interestingly, there’s actually a way you can be undead in Dead Space; although, it looks a little like a glitch at first.

As pointed out on Twitter by ‘Yohiman71‘, and countless other Dead Space fans online, there’s one suit that effectively kills Isaac Clarke when you look at all the Dead Space remake suits available: the Infested Suit. As the name suggests, this suit reimagines Isaac’s classic engineering suit with what it could look like if he was to succumb to the Marker’s Infectors. We won’t go into too much detail about what this looks like, but there are broken bones sticking out where they shouldn’t and almost the entirety of Isaac’s intestines are hanging out the front of his torn-open stomach. It’s safe to say he’s seen better days.

If you’re wondering what part of all this actually looks like a glitch, you’re not alone – and that will become clear if you’re wearing this suit cosmetic and you come to one of the game’s cutscene-like conversational moments.

In these moments, when Isaac removes his helmet to catch his breath, you might notice that Isaac doesn’t really have a head at all when he’s wearing the Infested Suit. We know decapitating a necromorph is an important step when it comes to making sure they stay dead, but the Infested Suit completely cuts Isaac’s head off – and you really can’t deny that it does look like a glitch.

Dead Space Isaac headless Infested Suit: an image of the tweet in mention

As you can see for yourself in the aforementioned tweet from Yohiman, Dead Space fans are asking whether this headless-ness is an intentional feature of the alternative suit or a glitch where Isaac’s altered head model hasn’t loaded in properly. The official Dead Space social media account has responded and confirmed that it “can confirm it’s intentional”.

Dead Space Isaac headless Infested Suit: an image of the suit in question from the tweet before

So, if you’re running around the Ishimura with your guts hanging out and find yourself shocked to see Isaac also doesn’t have a head, don’t worry about it. He’s meant to look like that – or, like nothing, we suppose.

Oh, and it’s worth noting that this is as hilarious as it sounds in practice. You can check out a YouTube video of an early Dead Space scene featuring this suit below:

YouTube Thumbnail

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