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Chickens are opening CS:GO cases now

A group of devious chickens have learned to open CSGO cases after one player leaves their laptop unattended for their feathered friends to try for a knife

csgo chickens running around terrorist with ak47

Paul the Octopus predicted the 2010 World Cup, Sid the psychic seagull foretold Euro 2020 football matches, and now a group of chickens have sensed their pixelated brethren mere centimetres away and have taken to opening Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cases.

It’s been a trend, over the years, for individuals to record en-masse case openings for social media platforms, but one player has taken this further by allowing their chickens to open their cases for them.

In a YouTube video uploaded by user ‘Arrow,’ a laptop that is running CS:GO has been placed on the ground outside and there are numerous chickens milling around. On their first attempt (two individuals can be heard in the video), one of them places a piece of chicken corn on the left-mouse button. One of the chickens eats it, causing the mouse to click on the open case button. Things go awry, however, when the laptop blue screens. It turns out that it’s not only the in-game chickens that are devious.

On the pair’s second attempt, they place a substantial amount of chicken feed on the laptop’s trackpad. Three chickens start pecking madly at the corn as one of the individuals says, “You’ve got this. I believe.” The chickens manage to click and open the case successfully, but rather than revealing a knife or a pair of gloves – the holy grails of any CS:GO player – they were treated to an SG553 Aloha. The chickens strike again.

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Will this mark a new trend where players try to make their increasingly bizarre pets open CS:GO cases? Time will only tell, but we’re here for it.

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