Warzone Season 4 release date, trailers, leaks, and more

New weapons, new operators, new maps… It’s all going on in the next title update; here’s what you need to know about when the Warzone Season 4 release date is

Warzone Season 4 Release Date: An image of a hooded woman shooting an electrified rifle

We know that the fast-approaching Warzone 2 release date is exciting, but there’s a lot to get excited about when it comes to the next Call of Duty Warzone update. Season 4 is on the way and Raven Software has already confirmed that there’s a new Warzone map called Fortune’s Keep, and that’s just the half of it. If you’re wondering when the Warzone Season 4 release date is, we have you covered.

As you might already suspect, fans are expecting to see a handful of new Warzone weapons, and at least three operators to join the battle royale’s growing roster, alongside the introduction of the new Fortune’s Keep map. This map is expected to replace Rebirth Island, but it will be quite a bit bigger. So… Yeah, the Warzone Season 4 release date is going to be one to look out for.

But, of course, we still need to talk about when that actually is. So, lock, load, and keep reading for everything you need to know about when this content is coming – and the latest trailers and leaks from both official and unofficial sources.

Warzone Season 4 release date

Raven Software has confirmed that the Warzone Season 4 release date is June 22. The season will be subtitled “Mercenaries of Fortune” and, as you can see below, it looks like Butcher might be coming as an Operator.

Warzone Season 4 trailers and leaks

We’ve been treated to a brief look at Warzone Season 4’s new Fortune’s Keep map, which you can see below:

And this is the cinematic trailer for Vanguard and Warzone Season 4:

It’s expected to be around twice the size of Rebirth Island and, as a result of that, players can expect to be playing on this new map in slightly larger lobbies.

There are, also, surprisingly not many leaks to talk about either. We expect that to change in the coming days, so we’ll keep this article up to date with the latest available.

But, for now, that’s all we know about the Warzone Season 4 release date. Are you excited? Do you think the best Warzone guns will remain on top when the new map drops? Only time will tell, but we can’t wait.