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Loadouts have been made more expensive in Call of Duty Warzone again

You'll have to dig deep to call the drops in now

One of the best things about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Warzone gamemode is the fact that it lets you bring your own guns into play, providing you have the money of course. However, buying your loadout just got 17% more expensive for players.

Activision and Infinity Ward has increased the price of loadout drops in the popular free-to-play battle royale for the third time since launch, after it became difficult to balance alongside the game’s standard arsenal of weapons. A loadout set you back $6,000 on launch, which was raised to $8,500 in the last patch. Now, with the start of season 3, loadouts will cost an enormous $10,000.

Of course, buying your loadout is worth the money. You get your hands on a weapon that you should be familiar with and your chosen perks. It gives you the ultimate advantage over your enemies, whether you choose to sit in the hills and snipe with your thermals or go all gung-ho and push aggressively in the final circle.

The change will have a dramatic effect on the pacing of the game, though and make those with the money more dangerous than ever before.

That’s not the only change to Warzone that’s shipped to the live game either. The distance of your teammates will now be shown on the map and the radar, and a number of bugs have been fixed. Quads mode is also available, allowing you to take an extra teammate into Verdansk.

In addition to this, load more changes have been made to multiplayer, which you can check out on our sister site here.