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Best shotgun in Modern Warfare 2

Looking to get an idea of the best shotgun in Modern Warfare 2 before your next multiplayer game? Well, you're in luck, because we have done exactly that below

Modern Warfare 2 best shotgun: an image of two soliders stacking up

When it comes to creating a class that excels in close-range combat, you need to be thinking about using a shotgun – no matter which Call of Duty game you’re playing. If you’re wondering what the best shotgun in Modern Warfare 2 is for that very reason, you’re not alone – and we have something of an answer down below.

When throwing together any one of the best Modern Warfare 2 loadouts, you need to make sure you’re well-equipped to deal with enemies at any distance – so, a shotgun is always something worth considering if you need something for close encounters. However, you should make sure you’re picking the right shotgun for the job – there are some that suit certain maps and game modes, and some that don’t. But, we’ll clear all of that up below.

Best shotgun in Modern Warfare 2

Alright, without further ado, let’s get into it. The best shotgun in Modern Warfare 2 is the Lockwood 300. However, the Bryson 800 and Bryson 890 both present themselves as excellent substitutes.

Modern Warfare 2 best shotgun Lockwood 300: an image of the lockwood in a crate

Lockwood 300

Similar enough to Modern Warfare’s 725, the Lockwood 300 is the hardest-hitting shotgun available right now and – as a result of that – it’s a little bit broken. You may have to manage this double-barrelled weapon’s constant reloading, but you’ll find you’re able to one-shot people from a lot further away than you would be able to with other weapons in this category.

You can find the best Lockwood 300 loadout in Modern Warfare 2 right here, if you want to try it for yourself.

Modern Warfare 2 best shotgun Bryson 800: an image of the Bryson in a crate

Bryson 800

Modern Warfare 2’s Bryson 800 is something of a more traditional option when it comes to shotguns. It’s a pump-action, so not the fastest firing weapon in this category, but it can throw a shell a decent-enough range with the right attachments and you’ll be able to fire longer before reloading than the Lockwood 300.

You can check out the best Modern Warfare 2 Bryson 800 loadout right here – if you fancy.

Modern Warfare 2 best shotgun Bryson 890: an image of the weapon in a crate

Bryson 890

The Bryson 890 is another shotgun that comes close second to the Lockwood 300. This is something of a step up from the Bryson 800, as a magazine-fed pump-action firearm. However, you’re going to find that each individual shot is weaker than the other two shotguns mentioned – so, it might need some fine tuning and finesse to get the most out of it.

We have the best Bryson 890 Modern Warfare 2 loadout for you here – so, have a play around and see what you think.

Well, that’s all there is to it. We know people don’t think of the humble shotgun when they think of the best weapons and guns in Modern Warfare 2, but maybe they should start to – because some of them are really quite good.