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Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt tips: a beginner’s guide

If you want to defeat your enemies, mastering your surroundings is a must. Follow these Bloodhunt tips to show everyone who bites harder

Bloodhunt tips: Two vampires stood next to one another

When you first begin walking the streets of Prague in the dead of night, desperately looking for your next meal, it’s easy to fall victim to another vampire. But with these Bloodhunt tips, you should be able to nab a blood-fuelled battle royale victory in no time.

This terrifying fight to the death, based on the World of Darkness series, might look and feel like many other battle royale games out there, but its own quirks that help it stand out from the rest. If you’re coming over from the likes of Apex Legends or Call of Duty: Warzone, you might find that your general knowledge from your time on the battlefield isn’t enough to sustain you here.

As you fight, your vampire can make use of special abilities, like going invisible or becoming bulletproof, and while that’s all well and good in the midst of a fight, the problem with Bloodhunt is that you never know who’s watching. With these Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt tips, you’ll learn all the tricks in the trade for keeping yourself safe and becoming a menace on the battleground.

Without further ado, then, here are our top tips.

Keep scanning the area for loot

The dangers you might face during the night are many and you must be aware of your surroundings during the hunt so you know where to find loot, and what parts of Prague to avoid due to threats. To do so, you must use the full potential of one of the most basic skills: Heightened Senses.

All characters have this ability despite their archetype or clan. Heightened Senses works as a sonar showing important elements that are near to you. By using it you will see some blue smoky auras pointing out weapons, grenades and items on the streets, in vans, or on the rooftops of buildings, as well as civilians which you can drain power from to give you abilities. Activating it at the beginning of the match will help you to make g faster decisions about the direction you will follow for the rest of the fight or how to reach the closest stack of items.

However, the utility of this skill goes beyond simply leading your next steps. It is extremely useful to protect yourself against harm as it also shows the direction of where sounds are coming from. So if you hear a shot or steps but you don’t want to fall prey to another group, you can use Heightened Senses to help you survive.

Bloodhunt tips: a vampire attacks another

Drink all the blood you can

Bloodhunt is a game about vampires, so naturally it has a pretty big focus on blood. To keep yourself alive in Bloodhunt, you’ll need to drain the citizens of Prague of their life juices every now and then. Blood, as a commodity, will help you recover health quickly..

Drinking blood may also determine which way a fight may go, especially since it can give you certain buffs. Depending on the mortal, they might emanate a colourful aura symbolizing what the game calls Blood Resonance. Each colour is related to a specific type of buff: pink is for Sanguine enhancing your healing; orange for Choleric increasing your melee attacks; blue and green for Phlegmatic decreasing the cooldown of your Archetype Skill; purple for Melancholic which reduces the cooldown of your Clan Skill; and red for Potent which gives you an extra life.

While most of the time you will need to work with the types of blood that you find on your way, it is important to know what each of them does to work toward a playstyle that fits you. On the other hand, blood is important but also it can be dangerous if you don’t pay attention. Keep in mind that you must keep the Masquerade up, so if you attack a person on the street who is near another citizen, or an AI soldier, you will be marked and visible to everyone in the game for about a minute, initiating a Bloodhunt against you.

Shield yourself all the time

Since you are now aware of how to look for items and loot as well as about the importance of keeping yourself nurtured with blood, it is time to hunt. As an important step to prepare yourself upfront for the battles to come, you should look for shields. In Bloodhunt shields are consumables that you can use during the match.

It is pretty common to forget equipping shields though since grabbing them from a Police van or a stack of items on a building does not mean it is automatically added on top of your regular health. Thus whenever you find yourself in a safe place, go to your consumable menu and equip your shield from your inventory!

Bloodhunt tips: a vampire watches a street from above

Be prepared for all situations

Bloodhunt is a rather fast paced battle royale. so you’ll need to stay on your toes to survive. With lots of ways to traverse the environment and attack your enemies, you’ll need to keep a firm hand on loadouts that’ll help you dispatch enemies at any range.

Melee weapons are super strong, especially if you have the Choleric Buff.Marksman Rifles will help you out from a distance, while any other ranged weapon like a shotgun or a Tommy Gun will help you achieve victory.

The city can be your ally

To prevail in battles, you must use everything to your advantage and in Bloodhunt, that means taking advantage of the city’s architecture. The city of Prague features dark alleys, as well as tall buildings and cathedrals that can prove to be very handy for stalking your prey.

Climbing the buildings gives you a good spot to scout the movements of other groups. Walking on the streets or using alleys to get to a safe place are not bad ideas either if you keep close to the walls, since most of the time there are teams fighting on the rooftops.

The mobility of your character is important to both fighting and escaping the fight, so make sure you mix running and sliding with some Clan Powers, like Toreador’s Projection.

And that’s all our Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt tips for now. Hopefully these will help you and your squad to victory in your next match.