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Battlefield Portal vehicles - all the vehicles you can use

Here are all the Battlefield Portal vehicles you can use in Battlefield 2042's sandbox mode.

 Battlefield 2042, including Battlefield Portal, is no longer receiving major updates and additional content. This means that this is the full garage of vehicles for the Portal mode.

We all have our favourite vehicles in Battlefield. Whether it’s the Spitfire, the B-12 Bomber, or the Quad Bike, these vehicles have helped us create incredible memories over the years. However, in Battlefield Portal, Battlefield 2042’s sandbox mode, players have the chance to create new memories with over 40 Battlefield Portal vehicles.

That’s right – you can play around with loads of vehicles from the likes of Battlefield 2042, Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 1942.

Sadly, despite the remarkable potential of Battlefield Portal, it never quite delivered on its promise. While it’s still accessible today, there is no new content coming now that live-service support for Battlefield 2042 and its Portal mode has been discontinued.

Battlefield Portal vehicles

Here are all the Battlefield Portal vehicles, split by game:

Battlefield 2042

  • All vehicles

Battlefield 1942

  • M3 Halftrack
  • MG42 (stationary)
  • B-17 Bomber
  • BF 109
  • Kübelwagen
  • JU-87 Stuka
  • Willys MB
  • Spitfire
  • M4 Sherman
  • M10 Wolverine
  • Panzer IV
  • Tiger 1
  • SD. KFZ 251
  • FLAK 38 (stationary)
  • M3 HMG (stationary)
  • 40MM AA (stationary)

Battlefield Bad Company 2

  • M1114
  • UAV-1
  • Quad Bike
  • UH-60
  • M3A3 Bradley
  • M1A2
  • T-90
  • Kord HMG (stationary)
  • 9M133 Kornett (stationary)

Battlefield 3

  • M1114
  • RHIB
  • M1A2
  • LAV-25
  • T-90
  • BMP-2
  • UH-60
  • LAV-AD
  • M1161 ITV
  • 3937 Vodnik
  • F/A-18
  • AH-64 Apache
  • VOV Buggy
  • MI-28 Havoc
  • 9K22 Tunguska-M
  • 9M133 Kornet (stationary)
  • Growler ITV
  • AH-6J Little Bird
  • SU-35BM Flanker-E
  • Centurion C-RAM (stationary)
  • Pantsir-S1 (stationary)
  • M220 TOW Launcher (stationary)

Those are all the Battlefield Portal vehicles you can whip around in. Although the catalog of Battlefield 2042 vehicles available in Portal increased since launch, the offerings from older titles did not. This is important as support for the game has since ended, meaning there is no new content coming to Portal.

That’s everything you need to know about the Battlefield Portal vehicles. If you’re diving into the mode, make sure to check out our guides on the Battlefield Portal maps and Battlefield Portal gadgets.