Apex Legends developer says crossplay is “important to a game like ours”

Mirage Apex Legends

Apex Legends has had an incredible year as a battle royale. Since its launch, hundreds of thousands of players have dropped into King’s Canyon or Worlds End to get a taste of the action, but players on different platforms still can’t party up to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Apex Legends’ general manager Dusty Welch and game director Chad Grenier admitted that crossplay in multiplayer games is “kind of expected” nowadays and the pair would love to see it added.

“I think on crossplay we see it’s something that is kind of expected in the industry and is important to a game like ours,” Welch tells Game Informer according to Comicbook.com.  “Chad and I are obviously big fans of playing our game at work and in our free time — and we go home on a Friday or weekend and want to play with each other and we’re on different systems.

“On a personal level, yes, we’d love to do that and party up on the weekends. I think it’s an important thing to get to.”

Given Welch’s reponse, it’s fair to say crossplay is on Respawn’s radar. But without a confirmation that it’s coming to Apex Legends, we’ll just have to sit tight and wait until new details are released.