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Age of Empires 4 Xbox release date window, story, gameplay

If you are excited to jump into some real-time strategy action, here is what you need to know about the Xbox version of the PC strategy hit.

Age of Empires 4 Xbox Release Date: A historical figure can be seen

When is the Age of Empires 4 Xbox release date? The fourth game in this famous series has already been launched for PC, but it’s time for console players to experience it when the Age of Empires 4 Xbox release date finally arrives. The Age of Empire series has become famous for not only taking players to live historical events in the campaign mode but also for creating a battleground where people can try different strategies to destroy their adversary’s reign.

Like many of the other best Xbox strategy games out there, Age of Empire games have traditionally been released on PC first, though we’re now seeing more Xbox releases – many of which being on Game Pass. After some of the remasters, Age of Empires 4 is next.

Age of Empires 4 Xbox release date window

The Age of Empires 4 release date for Xbox is Tuesday, August 22, 2023. The launch date was announced during the Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live livestream, following months of speculation. 

In 2022, both Age of Empires II Definitive Edition and Age of Empires 4 were announced for Xbox consoles. Both are now available on Xbox Game Pass.

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Age of Empires 4 story

If you’re looking for a dense narrative with plot twists, you won’t find that here. On the other hand, as in previous titles in the series, Age of Empires 4 campaign mode focuses on telling players about a certain historical period or event while players act upon the development of societies and command epic battles. In this specific entry, players can play four different campaigns, although more will be added in the future. Each campaign is structured around a specific historical period, so you can participate in its important historical events.

The first campaign is called The Normans and it goes all the way from the 11th to the beginning of the 13th century. It begins with the invasion of England by the Normans who were led by William the Conqueror. The second campaign is about the Hundred Years War, a series of conflicts between England and France. These battles happened during what is known as the Late Middle Ages and they actually lasted for 116 years.

The next campaign you get access to is based on the Mongol Empire and it will take you through the process of expansion of one of the largest empires in history. The Mongol Empire began with the unification of tribes by the famous Genghis Khan and it took control over a large area of Eurasia. And the last historical event you play in Age of Empire 4’s campaign mode is the Rise of Moscow. In this one, you will complete missions that will help the Grand Duchy of Moscow to establish a strong society.

Age of Empires 4 Xbox Release Date: A large empire can be seen

Age of Empires 4 gameplay

When it comes to Age of Empires 4 gameplay, it hasn’t changed that much from the previous entries in the series. It’s a real-time strategy game where you control units that can either work constructing important builds for your society or fighting for you against possible invaders. Finding and collecting resources is still key to progress in the game as well as investing in technology. In combat, the units follow a rock-paper-scissors system, making having a diverse army crucial to advance in the game or win matches.

Age of Empires 4 has single-player and multiplayer modes, each of them enabling more than one type of match you can play. In the single-player mode, you have the campaign that covers the four historical events listed previously, and different types of skirmishes, such as the solo battles against an A.I. opponent.

During the campaign, you will have to complete specific missions because the whole idea of this mode is to give players a representation of what happened in that particular period similar to how a documentary does. To add to this experience, the game will play cutscenes between missions. There is also a narrator explaining the results of your actions or the reasons behind them as you play.

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On the other hand, in the multiplayer mode, you play with your friends against other players or against A.I. opponents. There is the option of running a quick match and playing ranked matches. The winning condition for each match may change, but in both situations, you need good strategies to win over your adversaries.

During the matches, you develop your society, taking it through four historical periods: the Dark Age, Feudal Age, Castle Age, and Imperial Age. Progressing through these periods will give you advantages against your opponents, because of how advanced your society is, meaning, you have access to better units and powerful technology. Although in campaigns you may end up with a bigger army, usually you have access to 200 units in multiplayer.

This time, you have access to the following 10 different civilizations to play with Mongols, Chinese, English, Delhi Sultanate, French, Holy Roman Empire, Rus, and Abbasid Dynasty. Sometime after the game was officially released, the developer added Malians and Ottomans.

Age of Empires 4 Xbox Release Date: A person can be seen fighting

Playing each of these civilizations is different and players must learn how to take the most out of their qualities. For example, Chinese units have access to specific technologies such as crossbows and gunpowder, while the Mongols, as nomadic people, can move from place to place even carrying their town center. Because of this, it’s important to find the civilization that best suits how you enjoy playing the game.

Now that you know when the Age of Empires 4 Xbox release date is, prepare your strategies and wait for the right moment to put your name in history. For even more on the series, check out some of the best Xbox strategy games and all the other Xbox Game Pass games available right now. Go forth and conquer.