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Want a free S tier Agent in Zenless Zone Zero? Here’s how easy it is

Unlocking a free S tier Agent to join your ranks in Zenless Zone Zero isn't as hard as you may think, it just requires some patience.

Zenless Zone Zero free agent: An image of Billy with his gun in Zenless Zone Zero.

There are so many wild and zany people to meet in Zenless Zone Zero, with characters like Billy making a lasting impression from the get-go. However, you might know that some of the game’s cast can be recruited as Agents, helping you on your path to survive in Hollow areas. If you fancy adding a free Zenless Zone Zero Agent to your team, gaining an S tier Agent isn’t all that difficult.

When you’re not dazzled by Zenless Zone Zero‘s frantic combat or lush art direction, you’ll likely be adding stacks of Polychrome or Master Tapes to your inventory. The latter is especially important in Hoyoverse’s new RPG game, as this form of currency can be used within the Stable Channel banner. If you access this banner for the first time, Hoyoverse essentially guarantees that your first 50 pulls will include a 20% discount – if you’re doing 10 pulls at a time. More importantly, you’ll be guaranteed to unlock an S-tier Agent within these 50 pulls.

Following that, the Stable Channel banner utilizes a unique system that lets you choose any of the new PS5 game‘s and new Xbox game‘s standard Agents. However, like every banner within Zenless Zone Zero, all of your pulls are always influenced by pure chance. The good news, though, is that you’re well on your way to becoming acquainted with all the Zenless Zone Zero characters the game has to offer – and they’re pretty awesome.

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You’ll have met characters like Billy, Nicole, and Anby during the open world game‘s introduction sequence, but that’s just a taste of the exceptional character designs Hoyoverse have cooked up here.

Characters like Anton and Miyabi are badass, but you can’t just beat hanging around with a bear called Ben. He may look intimidating on the outside, but Ben is actually an accountant in Zenless Zone Zero lore. So, he can crunch numbers as well as Ether Mutants.

So while you can grab yourself a free Agent, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other freebies or tricks to be learned. Don’t forget to check out all the available Zenless Zone Zero codes right now, this handy Zenless Zone Zero tier list, or an awesome guide to all the ongoing Zenless Zone Zero events happening right now.

Zenless Zone Zero free agent: An image of the Stable Channel banner in Zenless Zone Zero.

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