LilyPichu follows Michael Reeves in ditching Twitch for YouTube

OfflineTV creator LilyPichu, known for her art and music content, is the latest Twitch superstar to ditch the platform in favour of the Google-owned YouTube

YouTube LilyPichu announcement: an image of a woman thinking

In the press of a red button, OfflineTV creator Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki announced her departure from Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch and confirmed that she would be continuing her content creation via Google-owned YouTube. She’s the latest in a long line of popular Twitch streamers ditching the purple-themed platform for YouTube’s growing streaming – following huge names like TimTheTatman, DrLupo, Valkyrae, and even partner Michael Reeves (another member of OfflineTV).

Much like content creators making the switch before her, LilyPichu made the announcement that she was moving to YouTube something of a comedic scene. Finding it hard to make such a big decision herself, she let her dogs decide by putting dry food in a purple bowl (representing Twitch) and a cake with the YouTube logo iced on top in a red bowl (which represents YouTube).

As you can imagine, the decision to switch streaming platforms was probably a little more complicated than this. However, the result remains the same, however much preparation and thought went into it. LilyPichu is now streaming on YouTube.

If you want to check out her announcement video for yourself, you can below:

We don’t know when-exactly her first YouTube stream will be, but we’re under the impression that it’s going to be today – which you can find on LilyPichu’s YouTube channel here.

Avid fans will have noticed that LilyPichu was counting down to some kind of major announcement for a few days and it looks like any questions they might have had have been answered. On Twitch, according to Stream Charts, she averaged around 5,500 viewers this year with almost 3 million hours watched in total.

What makes this interesting is the fact that OfflineTV, the group of content creators that LilyPichu is a part of, traditionally stream on Twitch and Twitch only. Members have dabbled in YouTube before, but this could be another signal suggesting a major shift for the group.

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