Dr DisRespect claims he did “nothing to warrant a ban” from Twitch

The Two-Time addressed the ban at the beginning of his comeback stream to over half a million people

Following his string of teasers yesterday, Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm has kicked off his comeback to streaming by claiming he still does not know the reason for why he was permanently banned from Twitch.

Following a montage of some his most impressive plays, Dr DisRespect began by thanking fans for their support in the nearly six week period since he last went live. He also says that it felt “good to be back” on YouTube, 11 years after he first posted videos as The Two-Time.

He then sits down to talk about his ban, and The Doc reaffirms what he said in interviews a couple of weeks ago: he has no idea why he was banned. He expands on this by claiming that he can’t even think of why he would have been booted off the platform where just a few months earlier he had signed a big-money exclusivity deal. “As far as I’m concerned, we’ve done nothing to warrant a ban,” the streamer says, before going on to criticise Twitch’s handling of the situation and lack of communication.

After addressing the ban, he then asks his viewers to move on from it and leave it to the “legal professionals.”

It also seems as if The Doc has distanced himself completely from anything gaming or streaming related. He admits as donations begin rolling in that he is unsure of how YouTube Gaming’s UI works, is confused multiple times by alerts, and says he is doing the stream “unprepared.”

He also claims that he knows nothing about games such as Rogue Company, a hotly anticipated new shooter, Hyper Scape, the new Twitch-integrated battle royale, and even Fall Guys, the recently launched game that has become a sensation with streamers and shot to the top of Twitch’s viewership charts this week.

With die hard fans keen to see Dr DisRespect back in action, and countless more anticipating new information about his mysterious ban from Twitch, The Doc’s comeback stream peaked at around 510,000 viewers.