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How to redeem a code for XDefiant

Find out how to redeem a code for XDefiant, whether it's to get access to Ubisoft's shooter, or to unlock goodies on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.

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How do you redeem a code in XDefiant? Redeeming a code to get access to XDefiant isn’t the easiest of tasks. Most ways to get access to the game require you to go directly to your platform of choice. However, if you do have a code to hand, this guide will give you all the information on how to redeem an XDefiant code.

Redeeming a code if you have one is key to getting you access, especially if you want to team up with friends and utilise XDefiant crossplay in the FPS game. Its team-based shooter action is at the core of the experience so you will want to get in or let your friends know how they can jump in and play XDefiant.

How to redeem a code for XDefiant

To redeem a code for XDefiant, you need to head to the game’s official website and enter your code to unlock your exclusive content or access to the game. This method is still correct as of August 2023.

Alternatively, if you received a code for access to the game for your platform by default, it may instead need to be redeemed on the console or storefront it is for. This can be done from the store itself or the shop on Xbox and PlayStation. Your email or the method you received a code should have details on which of these options is for you.

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XDefiant is looking to take on other big-name shooters at a time when community sentiment for them is at its lowest point in a long time. Call of Duty especially is at a low point right now. So, if you are looking for a new shooter, keep an eye on the game as it may make its way onto our best FPS games list, or perhaps redeem a code for XDefiant yourself to play now. Happy hunting.