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WRC 2023 achievements leaks tease EA’s new racing game is ready to go

WRC Generations is only a few months old but racing game fans could be in for a treat as leaks suggest the WRC 2023 title from EA is ready to go already.

WRC 2023 leaks achievements: an image of a purple rally car from the WRC Generations racing game

If you’re a fan of rallycross and offroad racing, you’ll be pleased to know that it looks like the next WRC title from EA and Codemasters is almost here. Reliable leaker ‘billbill-kun‘ has taken to Twitter to share a selection of achievements from the 2023 WRC game – allegedly – with the statement that “WRC 2023’s title from EA/Codemasters is ready to launch”. Adding to this, they have stated that we should all “expect an announcement very soon” regarding the title.

Now, we know this sounds like something anyone could say – and you’re not wrong. However, this particular leaker has a fantastic track record when it comes to upcoming video game releases and, in particular, unveiling the next batch of PS Plus games ahead of time. So, while we do think this should be taken with a grain of salt, we do have reason to believe that this is more or less true.

However, that doesn’t mean we know much about what to expect from the next WRC game – other than the fact it’s almost certain to be all about rallycross racing, given the fact it’s a WRC game.

In the middle of last year, InsiderGaming reported that WRC 23 would let you build your own rally car – which does sound like a feature fans could expect to see from a new-generation WRC game. However, it’s also something that should be taken with a pinch of salt as this source isn’t quite as reliable.

Still, that was quite a while ago now – and things are everchanging when it comes to a game’s development. So, there’s really no telling what could happen.

As for the leak we do have, though, it looks like there’s going to be quite a few achievements up for grabs – and we think it’s safe to say some of those are going to be focused on winning races, achieving podium placements, collecting cars, and conquering courses all around the world. You can see some of the achievement icons for yourself below:

WRC 2023 leaks achievements: an image of the leak regarding the new rally game's trophies

As you can see, it looks like a fairly standard selection of achievements for a rallycross racing game – if what we think these icons mean is true. So, that lends itself well to those of us wondering if the leak is indeed true. Sometimes, when you see something predictable, it ends up being  the more reliable information.

If you’re wondering what sort of racing game you’re in for if you pick up a WRC title, you can check out the WRC Generations trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

One thing to note is that WRC Generations only dropped in November 2022, so we don’t think we’ll be seeing a WRC 2023 release date announced for anytime soon. However, as the leak has suggested, an announcement could be on the way – we’ll just have to wait and see.

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