Fortnite esports
star Zayt retires 

The Loadout

One of Fortnites biggest names, Williams Zayt Aubin, has announced his retirement from professional play.

In an announcement video, Zayt reveals that he’s quitting Fortnite esports to focus on streaming and offering coaching and gameplay analysis to his viewers. 

The 20-year-old says that since the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, he hasn’t found competing a fun experience. He admits he only kept playing to avoid having “regrets”.

Zayt also says if LAN events were still running he probably wouldn’t retire. Epic recently announced 2021 would feature no LANs, including the Fortnite World Cup.

In his career, Zayt has earned over $1.1 million in tournament winnings. In non-Solo events, he has almost always teamed up with TSM’s Rocco ‘Saf’ Morales.

Saf, who has played alongside Zayt in dozens of tournaments since 2018, says his retirement really “hits hard.”

While the Canadian won’t be competing again, he promises to remain close to the Fortnite community and is still a member of esports organisation NRG.