xQc could be about to purchase his own Valorant esports team

Twitch streamer xQc is planning to get competitive in Valorant and Rocket League, as the former Overwatch pro-player could be purchasing their own esports team.

Twitch streamer Felix 'xQc' Lengyel and Valorant key art

With the success of content creator esports teams á la Moist Esports, it is Twitch streaming superstar Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel that could be next to seek competitive glory. Though xQc’s professional Overwatch days are behind him, the streamer is eyeing up a new venture with the world of the universally acclaimed Riot Games FPS, Valorant – with his own esports team.

xQc is no stranger to the competitive gaming scene, having forged his own success with Dallas Fuel and Team Canada in the Overwatch League and Overwatch World Cup. Since departing from the Overwatch circuit, xQc’s esports passion has seen him work with the likes of Luminosity Gaming and Sentinels. Now, the streamer says on his Twitter account that “esports teams aren’t profitable, creator-backed teams are.”

This opinion comes after xQc said in his own Twitch chat that “I’m buying a Valorant team” after taking a brief break to supposedly answer a phone call. According to xQc Twitch chat tracker account ‘xQcChatMessages‘, the streamer also has plans to muscle in on the Rocket League and League of Legends esports scene: “Next up is buying an RL team and a french league LoL team.”

Further affirmations of xQc’s plans to enter the League of Legends French League are yet to be discussed, but it isn’t the first time has xQc has expressed interest in building a new esports team from the ground up.

Previously xQc had jokingly challenged fellow streaming alum Jeremy DisguisedToast’ Wang, making his intentions for Valorant esports clear. “Yo, yo, I’m gonna buy my own team and I’m gonna f**cking smoke DisguisedToast,” xQc says during a Valorant Twitch stream.

However, xQc’s efforts to launch his own creator-backed organisation haven’t begun with a smooth start. “I said I was interested in buying a team […] I was way ahead of Ludwig to sign a team,” xQc explains to his Twitch chat in a recent broadcast. Despite his best intentions, the attempt to acquire a team quickly spiralled out of control: “They had already found a sponsor and I said ‘yo guys I want to buy a team’ and the DM I got was from a bunch of low silver crypto scammers.”

Whether the streamer’s efforts come to fruition is another matter, but the announcement could arrive during a great time for Valorant players. Riot Games is already dishing out surprises in the form of new Valorant agent Gekko, which was revealed during the VCT Lock In Grand Final. Furthermore, Valorant Premier mode is on the horizon and we’ve got all the details.