Vodafone Giants penalised for Cypher exploit in Valorant Champions Tour

The use of a bugged spot on Breeze to plant a Cypher Spycam was seen as an exploit by Riot

Valorant agents Sova and Astra stand in front of a red and black background

Vodafone Giants has been penalised with a one-map loss in its next Valorant Champions Tour match after exploiting a bug in a VCT Open Qualifier last week..

During the VCT Stage 3 Week 1 qualifier match on the map Breeze, Vodafone Giants player Johan ‘Meddo’ Renbjörk Lundborg was seen placing a Cypher Spycam on top of a railing. In this position, the camera cannot be destroyed by the attackers, yet the defenders gain full view of the A Site entrance they shouldn’t be able to reach. This use of the Cypher exploit was heavily criticised by Bref player Tristan ‘Dawn92’ Bornet, who believed it put them at an unfair advantage and cost them the match.

After an investigation, VCT tournament officials have announced that using this exploit broke rule 7.2.6 of the Valorant Global Competition Policy regarding competitive integrity, giving Vodafone Giants a one-map loss to be applied to their next VCT game.

“Intentional use of an in-game bug to seek an advantage is explicitly prohibited,” the VCT statement reads. “All teams are expected to uphold the standards of competitive integrity outlined in the Valorant Global Competition Policy.”

Beyazit ‘beyAz’ Körpe, who played for Bref during the match, has criticised Riot for punishing the team after the incident took place – instead of addressing the situation at the time.

“Too bad that it reacts that [way] now, whereas on the day of the match everything was very very clear,” beyAz says on Twitter, translated from French. “And I think it’s unfair to punish them for the next qualifying [match], had to react at the time.”

David Alonso, head of gaming at Vodafone Giants replies, saying he “totally agrees” with beyAz on the matter.

Before the ruling, it was claimed (via Upcomer’s George Geddes) that Giants players were unaware of the exploit and its use was unintentional, adding they had reported the bug to Riot.