It looks like Fnatic, Karmine Corp, and KOI will compete in VCT 2023

Fnatic, Karmine Cop, and KOI will be leading the charge in the EMEA region according to a new report - although we'll know for sure in just a few days

VCT EMEA teams Karmine, KOI, Fnatic: Viper watches as someone plants the spike

We should be four days away from finding out which of the world’s biggest esports organisations have made the cut for the VCT 2023 season. However, recent reports suggests we already know three of the ten set to join the EMEA league next season.

According to Blix.GG, Karmine Corp and KOI have had their applications accepted. Dr Kutluhan Alpha also reports that Fnatic has been accepted. Riot Games was due to announce the ten partnership teams in a major announcement on Friday (September 23), but it no longer appears it’ll be able to control that conversation.

Karmine Corp is one of the biggest French organisations in the world, first making a name for itself in the League of Legends scene. However, while it is still a relative newcomer to Valorant, the organisation has made waves in the EMEA scene.

KOI is a Spanish organisation spearheaded by streamer Ibai Llanos and footballer Gerard Piqué. Like Karmine Corp, KOI has been making a name for itself in the last couple of months both in Valorant and League of Legends. While its Valorant team has had some pretty mixed results, KOI’s acceptance as a VCT EMEA partnership team almost seemed like a dead cert following news the organisation was likely to join the LEC alongside Rogue next year too.

The third team apparently confirmed to be joining the league is Fnatic. The acceptance of this organisation is unlikely to come as a surprise given how Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett’s team has been faring in recent months. Fnatic is arguably one of the best Valorant organisations worldwide – something it’ll look to solidify in VCT 2023.

While Riot Games has yet to comment on the veracity of these reports, all three teams look like likely contenders for next year’s championship. Who will join them, though, remains to be seen.

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