Riots Games nerfs Raze in Valorant’s first closed beta update

She should be less of a threat to players now

Riot Games has pushed its first update for Valorant based on player feedback today and it’s finally addressed the giant Raze in the room, as well as a number of bugs. Players have been complaining about the agent’s lethality since the start of the closed beta, so it’s good to see the developers giving her a tweak already.

Raze loses a Paint Shell, which now have a kill reset, meaning players have to get two kills to refresh the cooldown, and the audio for them, plus the Blast Pack, and Showstopper have been adjusted so they’ll be easier to hear. Riot notes that she’s meant to be a “highly-threatening duelist that punishes enemies posted in predictable positions” so she’s only received a light nerf for now.

The studio has also buffed melee agents, in the hopes of giving players a “better way to deal with Sage’s Barrier Orb” especially during low economy rounds. With this buff, Riot hopes to create a high-risk, high-reward method for players to interact with her wall, while still being able to take it down regardless of their loadout.

Players can also walk through her Slow Orb without making noise, but bunny hoppers will still make audio cues and be slowed down by the ability.

You can read the full patch notes here.