Reddit’s finest Valorant detectives baffled by mysterious Reyna flank

The silkiest flank of all time, or a shady exploit?

Some of Reddit’s finest Valorant minds have been left scratching their heads after a clip showcasing a freak Reyna flank on Haven reached the r/Valorant front page. Among calls of foul play, a few keen detectives have done the math, and there may be more to the clip than meets the eye.

The play begins with four of the attacking team making a beeline down A Main as the round starts, with the final member taking up a position in Sewers. Upon clearing Cinder Blocks, the attackers begin their attempt to push out onto A Site 15 seconds into the round. After a few seconds of the two teams pinging pistol fire at each other, the Jett – whose PoV we’re watching – is picked off by the enemy Reyna from behind. Huh?

“What? No one checked that?” the team’s Raze queries, although we know that Cinder Blocks was checked prior to the gunfight kicking off. So how did Reyna get there? Well, according to the original poster (presumably the Jett), they asked Reyna but she refused to say anything, subsequently accusing them of trying to DDoS her – sus.

Some have pointed towards the possibility that Reyna – after initially utilising the initial Jett smoke as cover to cross from A Site to A Main – uses some new exploit to clip behind cinder blocks, reappearing to clean out her prey. However, others have countered that there’s no sighting of Reyna from the clip during this time, and the ping on Cinder Blocks from Raze could simply be a reminder for the team to check behind them.

Can someone explain how Reyna ended up behind us? from VALORANT

The only other possibility, then, is a good old fashioned flank from B, up through Mid Window, round the back of A Lobby, and out. According to u/Vegan-bandit, this is entirely possible in the time that elapses between the round’s start and Jett’s untimely demise. Some have qualmed this theory as, with 1:24 left on the clock – two seconds prior to Jett’s death – you can see Sage check the flank on the minimap.

However, the simple counter-argument is that, by this point, Reyna has already reached cinder blocks, and is out of Sage’s field of view. This leaves one final question – why didn’t Reyna simply just kill off Sage and Brimstone first? After all, they were the most accessible targets.

Again, there’s a very good explanation for that – trigger discipline. If you were the Reyna here, it makes sense to prioritise picking off the Jett with a Sheriff over the Ghost-toting Sage or the Brimstone with a Classic.

With this particularly silky play dividing Reddit on its authenticity, there’s plenty of logic to support the fact that this Reyna player really did pull off a Mission Impossible-esque manoeuvre. Regardless, we’re hoping this doesn’t happen to us any time soon.