Valorant’s new agent Skye will be esports ready by the First Strike qualifiers

Riot announced earlier today via the official Valorant Twitter account that new agents and maps will be esports ready after two and four weeks respectively in the ranked queue. This means the newest agent, Skye, will be available for use in the First Strike qualifiers starting November 9 and Icebox, the latest map, will enter official tournament rotation on November 24. 

Skye joins the Valorant character roster on October 27, and many fans are eager to give this Australian support character a go. Skye has some handy healing abilities and has been shown sending a dingo-like creature out into the field to hunt down enemies.

The Icebox map released along with Valorant Act 3 on October 13 and has players traversing through a frozen boat that is littered with icy shipping containers to hide in and ziplines to speed up travel. The map has a lot more verticality to it, which allows players to be a lot more sneaky and creative with their play.

It’s great to see Valorant is finally clearing up queries fans have had for some time now, but we do hope we’ll hear something soon about the unappetising pizza on the Ascent map.

If you need some help deciding which character you should use as your main, take a look at our Valorant tier list, and stay tuned for the addition of Skye to our list once she releases October 27.

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