Twitch star Tarik joins Sentinels as Valorant content creator

The former CS:GO pro, who eventually turned to streaming Valorant on Twitch, has linked up with the North American organisation as a content creator

Valorant Sentinels sign Tarik: Tarik in a Sentinels jersey

Sentinels has added a very special new addition to its Valorant content creation team. Former Counter-Srike: Global Offensive pro-turned Valorant streaming superstar Tarik ‘Tarik’ Celik has donned the red jersey and linked up with the North American side.

“I came to Sentinels with the idea to join the competitive team, and I wanted to replace Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo – it didn’t work out so I’m here as a creator”, Tarik quips during his announcement video. “I think there are a lot of things me and Sentinels have in common. They’re very memey, which is something that I love and it resonates with my brand a lot.

“They’re also blunt about how they see things and they say it how it is, and I’ve been very vocal and critical about a lot of things in the community, so us together is going to be very interesting, actually.” The Twitch star says he is particularly keen on getting involved in the skits which the team has excelled at creating.

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Having spent the latter part of his CS:GO career with Evil Geniuses, Tarik retired from pro play last year and eventually turned to Riot Games’ own competitive FPS game. He has since become the most prolific Valorant creator on Twitch, regularly pulling in over 30,000 viewers.

With Tarik now on board, Sentinels’ star power continues to grow, even if its competitive Valorant team didn’t quite make the cut for Champions this year.

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