Valorant player recreates Phineas and Ferb opening in game

For many of us, Phineas and Ferb was an essential part of our upbringing. The boys’ summer vacation antics, soundtracked to some of the best musical moments American animation has to offer, made for a true banger of a show. Now, one Valorant player has produced a parody tribute to the show’s opening sequence using the game’s own assets and characters.

‘Dyliez’ uploaded the video titled ‘Phoenix and Ferb’ to Reddit, and it’s something truly special. With Phoenix taking on the role of Phineas, Yoru as Ferb, and Jett as Candace, the sequence begins with a flip through all of the adorable critters that can be found throughout Breeze – mimicking the flipping of the calendar in the series’ own opening.

Throughout the skit, the trio find plenty of ways to spend their vacay time, like firing a Raze rocket, or fighting an Omen shade, or climbing up the clocktower in The Range. They even discover something which doesn’t exist – a summoned Skye Trailblazer – and give a monkey (the Jett player) a shower with Sage orbs.

You can check out the full parody below.

So I made a Phineas and Ferb – Valorant Parody and guess what it called: Pheonix and Ferb from VALORANT

Needless to say, it’s a super impressive bit of editing, which Dyliez says took them “like ten days of nonstop working on” to reach the final product. Honestly, this is ten days of their own summer vacation well-spent.