NiP finalises its new Valorant roster

Ninjas in Pajamas' Valorant roster is here and they're already playing


Ninja’s in Pajamas has finalised its roster for Valorant. The esports team has finally revealed the three other players making up its five-man team for the new FPS from Riot Games.

Back in June, they started their roster with Emir ‘Rhyme’ Muminovic and Niels ‘LuckeRRR’ Jasiek. Both players had previous experience in Valorant’s inspiration Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. NiP had previously decided to fill their roster with their brilliant Paladins players but changed over to focussing on ex-CS:GO players to take their places.

Yesterday the last three members of the Valorant roster were revealed to be Charles ‘CREA’ Beauvois, Enzo ‘Fearoth’ Mestari, and Damien ‘HyP’ Souville – another two CS:GO pros and HyP who comes from the Overwatch. HyP played for the Paris Eternal as a support player until earlier this year – and like other Overwatch League players such as Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won, has left the OWL to tackle Valorant instead.

In a blog post announcing the complete roster, Jonas Gundersen, the COO of NiP says, “Our ambition has and always will be to field a top-tier lineup – our faith in the Valorant scene and Riot’s plans for it remains strong and we’ll stop at nothing to get to the top spot. It’s become clear that CS:GO experience is a strong predictor of Valorant performance, and adding the spice of the highest level of Overwatch competition through HyP makes for a really strong foundation.

“This squad has an extremely high skill ceiling, has already proven itself competitively, and fits very well into our vision for team chemistry and esports performance. I couldn’t be happier.”

They announced their roster just the day before their first match public match, so you can see how they’re performing at the WePlay! Valorant Invitational. You can see them play live, or even watch the VOD on the We Play! Twitch channel.