Ninja sent a Valorant player money to buy himself a new headset


Oscar Wilde once said that the “smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention,” so when Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins decided to send a fellow gamer money for a new headset during a Valorant stream last night, our ears pricked up.

Like most of the other content creators out there at the moment, Ninja has been spending a lot of time on Valorant getting well acquainted with its agents, their special abilities, and the arsenal of weapons. But when he dropped into a game with two random gamers and found one could hardly play properly due to a scuffed headset that he couldn’t afford to replace, the Mixer streamer decided to step in.

“Bro you might need to check your headset,” he says after his teammate called Brendon dies from an audible flank. (You can watch the encounter here starting at 9 hours 54 minutes) “How did you not hear that guy pushing behind you at the end? He was 100% trying to get that line of sight on you.”

“He says he’s been needing a new headset for weeks now,” his friend responds.

“Yeah, I’m poor bro. I can’t work because my work got cancelled because of the whole coronavirus thing,” Brendon adds.

After the friend shouts “fuck coronavirus,” Ninja tells Brendon to send him his PayPal details straight after the game so he can set him up with a new headset. And despite running into some technical difficulties, Ninja does eventually send over some cash to Brendon via CashApp for him to buy whatever headphones he wants.

It’s a small gesture for a streamer that is expected to have a net worth of millions, but the little things always mean the most.