Nadeshot won’t be streaming Valorant on the first day of the closed beta

Riot Games has barred the 100 Thieves CEO following complaints from LoL organisations

It seems everyone and their dog in the esports world has got access to the Valorant closed beta, but one well-known face will not be streaming it tomorrow. Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, the CEO of 100 Thieves, has apparently been blocked from streaming the game on the first day of the closed beta because teams in the League of Legends world aren’t happy with it.

Nadeshot has been asked to play off-stream on the first day apparently after a number of teams competing in Riot’s many League of Legends tournaments around the world complained about the level of access they had.

“It’s such a long story – I’ll be playing but I can’t stream. I’m not allowed to stream, Nadeshot says in a clip, which you can watch below (via Dexerto). “Other LCS and LEC and LCK team owners complained I had access when they don’t have access. So Riot asked me not to stream until the next day.

“I love Riot, they’re incredible. This isn’t their fault. Riot has done nothing wrong, it’s just the other owners.”

Nadeshot goes on to say he feels like he’s being penalized for being good at his own job but there’s nothing he can do.

While he’ll be playing tomorrow like the rest of the content creators, we won’t be able to see his gameplay until Wednesday. If you’re wondering how to get access to the closed beta, you can follow the steps here.