Valorant pro dropped for cheating just one day after roster announcement

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A member of Movistar Riders’ Valorant roster has been dropped after he was found to be using “resources not allowed within the game to gain a competitive advantage.” In a statement released by the Spanish organisation, it confirms that it has removed Rui ‘rapaztriste’ Fonseca from its roster after players flagged some suspicious behaviour to the team’s management.

What makes rapaztriste’s removal even more remarkable is that it comes just a day after he was announced as a member of Movistar Riders’ new-look roster. On January 16, it was revealed that Movistar Riders would be retaining Venezuelan Carlos ‘scarx’ Sánchez from its original roster and four new European players, including rapaztriste, would be joining him. On the same day, the team competed in its first event together – the LVP Rising Series.

It now transpires that from the get go, rapaztriste was using hacks in the LVP tournament and his new teammates swiftly reported him to Movistar Riders’ team manager.

“We want to apologize to LVP and Riot for what happened and thank them for their speed and their availability to find a solution to the problem,” Movistar Riders says in a statement translated from Spanish. “Of course, we also want to extend our sincere apologies to all Valorant fans and tournament participants. At Movistar Riders, we fight to grow the esports scene on the pillars of competitiveness, tolerance and integrity and we will not tolerate any behavior that goes against them within our club.”

With open qualifiers for the Valorant Champions Tour – Riot’s official, year-long competitive Valorant season – kicking off next week, it’s good to see that cheaters are being identified and removed so swiftly.

It will come as a blow to Movistar Riders though, who will now have to find a new fifth player for the European Challenger qualifiers.

rapaztriste’s stint with the Spanish team will surely go down as one of the shortest in esports history.

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