Monkey Business might be OG’s new Valorant team

Red Bull has just announced the full details of its upcoming Valorant tournament, Home Ground, and while the team list is full of all the usual suspects like G2 Esports and Guild Esports, there’s one team that’s got everyone talking: Monkey Business.

That’s because up until today, no one had even heard of them. The team, consisting of former Overwatch players Dylan ‘aKm’ Bignet, Benjamin ‘uNKOE’ Chevasson, and Kevin ‘TviQ’ Lindström, and newcomers Theo ‘OniBy’ Tarlier, and Dragan ‘Elllement’ Milanović, were apparently assembled “quite a bit later than the other teams” according to the tournament press release, but are “looking forward to creating havoc among the top teams.”

However, fans have already begun speculating and it looks like Monkey Business could well be OG’s new Valorant team. Monkey Business was, after all, the name of the organisation before it became OG back in 2015, and OG does not yet currently have a competitive Valorant roster. With the start of the Champions Tour, now is the perfect time to invest in an exciting new roster.

To add fuel to the fire, OG has also responded to the official schedule of Home Ground by Red Bull with a pretty speculative tweet. The logo of the team is also the same as the original Monkey Business stack back in 2015. While all of this might be purely coincidental, the stars look like they’re aligning for OG ahead of a big year for Valorant esports.

The Loadout has approached OG for comment.

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