LOUD Valorant star Sacy conquers EU leaderboard in just one week

Despite having only spent a week in Istanbul for Valorant Champions 2022, LOUD star Sacy has already claimed the number one spot on the EMEA server

Valorant Champions Sacy rank one EU: Sacy

Valorant Champions 2022 is officially underway, with the finest teams from across the globe duking it out for the ultimate bragging rights – as well as a fair few bucks in their back pocket. In the leadup to the Istanbul-based championship, players flew in and got to work conquering the Valorant ranks on Europe’s servers. Now, LOUD star Gustavo ‘Sacy’ Rossi has claimed the number one spot.

Taking to Twitter to share the incredible achievement – bearing in mind that Sacy and the rest of LOUD only touched down in Turkey’s capital a mere week ago – the Brazilian can clearly be seen at the top of the rankings with a whopping 807 Rating. However, judging from the caption, it appears that the EU experience has had its foibles – especially when queueing on Frankfurt’s server.

“Mental health playing in Frankfurt is unshakable”, Sacy’s tweet reads when translated via Google. But Sacy isn’t alone in his plight, with DRX’s Yu ‘BuZz’ Byung-chul also noting the region’s less-than-level heads. “Idk why so many people in [the] EU server [are] angry,” he writes, “so many people like to report each other. I feel so tired when my teammates fight each other.”

Meanwhile, OpTic’s Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker doesn’t quite know what he’s experiencing, though he seems to be enjoying himself.

Valorant Champions Sacy rank one EU: a Tweet from OpTic's yay finding Turkish chat hilarious

At the very least, the world’s best players have been getting some extra mental training in during their stay in Istanbul so far. Let’s just hope that their best Valorant crosshairs remain as unshakable as Sacy’s mental…