Valorant will have an in-game replay system “soon”

Riot Games will be adding in a way to rewatch your Valorant games shortly

Valorant almost has it all – great gameplay, fun modes, and a variety of characters. But if you’ve played the new FPS from Riot Games, you may know that when you inevitably get shot and die, there is no way to check how that death occurred.

Unlike Overwatch, for example, Riot Games hasn’t included a replay system. No way to rewatch a kill you performed (or someone performed on you) and that can be slightly annoying. Many times have players wanted to find out where a rogue shot came from, or even if there was a potential cheater in the game, but currently, there are no tools to scope out your past self.

In an Ask Valorant session that Riot did, the question of ‘Is Valorant going to get an in-game replay system?’ arose, and the answer is yes. Yes, it is – and it might be coming to the game soon.

The question was answered by Steven Eldredge, a senior producer at Riot and he says “Yes! this is something that we’re interested in exploring soon. Whether it’s to study previous matches for tactical advantages or to create spicy memes, we know that players will find a wide range of interesting uses for a system like this.”

So no matter what you want an in-game system for, whether it be improving your gunplay or proving to your mates your shot should have hit that Jett, it looks like you’re going to get one.

Another nice add-on that is coming to Valorant soon is a gifting system like League of Legends’, where players will “have the ability to gift content as a way of celebrating victories, holidays, or any occasion”.