Valorant pros handed three-year VCT bans for match-fixing

Germsg and Dreamycsgo have been banned for throwing their VCT match against BlackBird Ignus last year

Valorant agents Sova and Astra stand in front of a red and black background

Two players have been banned from Valorant Champions Tour matches for three years for match fixing. According to a Riot Games investigation, Resurgence players Malcolm ‘Germsg’ Chung and Ryan ‘Dreamycsgo’ Tan manipulated the result of a match in the Valorant Ignition Series in September 2020, in order to profit from bets they placed.

Resurgence lost the game against BlackBird Ignus 2-0, after which Germsg and Dreamycsgo attempted to distribute profits to other team members who had been aware of the scheme. However, those not directly involved declined any money. Despite this, Riot’s investigation found that the rest of the roster “purposefully concealed the issue from their management and Valorant Esports officials because they were concerned about penalties and risking their contracts.”

Riot points out that this violates two rules of the Valorant Global Competition Policy: Rule 7.2.1 regarding match-fixing and Rule 7.2.4 regarding gambling. As Riot’s investigation found that Germsg thought up the match fixing idea and Dreamycsgo provided the capital, they have received the longest bans.

The other four members of the team have received smaller bans based on their level of involvement and cooperation with the investigation. Justin ‘Boplek’ Wong Chong Cheng and Sengdala ‘Jabtheboy’ Jamnalong have been banned from Valorant Champions Tour action for a year, and Du Min ‘Mortdecai’ Yeo and Benedict ‘Benaf’ Tan have been banned for six months.

All six bans are effective from the date of the original suspension, on April 22, 2021. Mortdecai and Benaf will be eligible to return to VCT play later this year, Boplek and Jabtheboy will be eligible next year, and Germsg and Dreamycsgo will be eligible in 2024.