Valorant Act 2 adds a free-for-all deathmatch mode

Riot Games has revealed what is in store for players in Valorant Act 2, with an updated Battle Pass, skin lines, and a new game mode.

While fans heads (and wallets) will likely be turned by the Battle Pass and new Glitchpop skin line, those looking for a fresh Valorant experience will be happy to know that a free-for-all deathmatch is being thrown into the mix. This aims for a pure, gunplay-focused experience, as there will be no abilities and unlimited cash for your agent to purchase whichever weapon you please.

The FFA deathmatch will see ten players racing to reach the winning total of 30 kills. There will be respawns, and eliminating an enemy agent will drop a health pack which will boost you back up to full health – if you reach it within ten seconds. Respawning players also have an eight second invincibility window which will disappear when a player moves or fires their weapon.

Also, bad news for any corner-campers; there will be a radar sweep every five seconds that will reveal the location of every player.

If you love the satisfying noise and bright lights of hitting an ace, don’t worry, you still can. The only difference is that you’re going to have to act fast to get a kill-banner, with multi-kills being time-sensitive rather than round-sensitive.

While this is not the ideal mode to be able to get to grips with new agent Killjoy when she drops in Act 2, it is the perfect place for some fast-paced action to hone your skills on the weapons you might not get the chance to in ranked Valorant.

The mode heads to the Test Server on August 5, and will be added to the game soon after if there are no pesky glitches.