The finalists for Valorant First Strike: NA qualifiers have been decided

We now know who the top two teams are for the final stage of the Valorant First Strike North American qualifiers. The teams that have made it through are Team Envy and Cloud9 Blue.

Both teams had to overcome some stiff competition, with Team Envy beating Gen.G, who caused a massive upset when it beat number one seed Sentinels in the quarter finals, while Cloud9 fought against a spirited TSM to narrowly win its semi final match.

All four teams that were in the semi finals: Gen.G, Team Envy, TSM, and Cloud9 Blue, had already advanced to the main First Strike title event which is scheduled to take place on December 3. They will be joined by teams competing in the UMG qualifiers on November 18, which could potentially include the likes of Sentinels, 100 Thieves, T1, and Slimy Boogermen, who all narrowly missed out on qualifying during the NA qualifiers.

The Valorant First Strike NA qualifier grand finals are set to take place later today, October 30, and you can watch the clash between Team Envy and Cloud9 Blue on Twitch or YouTube. If their semi finals performances are anything to come by, it’s going to be incredibly tight.