Valorant announces Episode 3, Act 2 delay

A teaser for the next Valorant agent, codenamed 'Deadeye'

Riot Games has today announced that Valorant Episode 3, Act 2 has been delayed by two weeks. Act 2, as originally reported by insider ‘floxayyy’, was due to kick off on August 24 – this has now been pushed back to “on or around September 8” according to an official statement from the game’s Twitter account.

“We think Act II is gonna be a banger,” Riot says, “but we’ve hit some constraints while getting it to the quality bar you deserve. So, we’re slightly adjusting Act start timings.” Under the new schedule, Act 1 will end on September 7.

Riot has also stated that it will be extending daily and weekly missions until Act 1’s new end date. “Each extra day gets the usual two daily missions, and each week gets the set of three weekly missions,” the studio says.

Episode 3, Act 2 is reportedly set to introduce a brand new agent, currently known as ‘Deadeye’ into the mix. This rather suave operator, who carries what looks like a heavily modified Marshall, was first spotted during the Year One Anthem celebration video back in June.

With players now getting a couple of extra weeks to grind the Valorant ranks and unlock that spicy K/TAC knife on the battle pass, the delay perhaps isn’t so bad after all.