Valorant’s new Knife Fight card was inspired by Icebox jousting

Details of the Episode 2, Act 3 battle pass are here

Viper and Jett fight

It’ll come as no big surprise that the development team responsible for Valorant’s battle passes have a lot of fun designing the skins, sprays, gun buddies, and more that can all be unlocked over the course of an eight week period. While it’s usually the new Valorant skins that steal the show, in Episode 2, Act 3, it might be the new cards.

That’s because Riot Games has designed the cards with lore in mind. Reyna and Viper’s playful relationship is explored with the new Versus card, and more information about the mysterious Yoru is revealed with his Bloodlines card. All in all, there are lots of “hidden stories” waiting to be found.

“We had a lot of fun designing this battle pass,” producer Preeti Khanolkar says in a press release. “A lot of players loved the sprays in the Act 2 battle pass, and we think players will love the cards in this one the most.”

While lore is a key focus for the design team, so to are the crazier moments captured by the playerbase. Shortly after Icebox dropped, players invented a new custom game mode: zipline jousting. In this mode, players strapped themselves onto the zipline above A-Site and went toe to toe in a hilarious melee fight to the death. It’s this creativity that the design team uses to come up with new cards, sprays, and gun buddies.

New Game Mode on Icebox : Zipline Jousting from r/VALORANT

Paul’s Pizza Party card is inspired by the community’s love for Icebox’s employee of the month, and the Ancient Mysteries Revealed buddy taps into everyone’s love for octopuses. Ingenious, right?

It’s these small, but considered, touches to the game that help players fall in love with Valorant. And with the pass offering free and paid tiers, there’s truly something there for everyone.