Valorant and Destiny 2 cheat creator faces joint lawsuit from developers

Riot Games and Bungie are teaming up to file a joint lawsuit against the creator of hacking software that is plaguing Valorant and Destiny 2.

According to Polygon, the lawsuit from Riot and Bungie is aimed at GatorCheats, which has reportedly been selling cheat software to players online. Bungie has previously sent a cease and desist to GatorCheats, but the cheats have continued to be sold to players for anywhere from a $90 a month fee or a $500 lifetime subscription to receive all future hacks and cheats. These allegedly range from standard aimbots to cheats that will show an enemy’s loadout and health, but all are able to dodge Riot and Bungie’s respective anti-cheat systems.

GatorCheats has also reportedly been selling cheats for other games, but Valorant and Destiny 2 are the most targeted. Valorant cheats, in particular, are the most expensive to acquire, according to the developers’ complaint documents.

The documents also estimate GatorCheats has made “tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars” from selling its software.

Riot and Bungie claim that damages could amount to “millions of dollars” due to the harm the cheats have caused to both developers’ games.

Riot, in particular, will be keen to stamp out the cheat sellers soon as the Valorant Champions Tour begins later this month, with online qualifiers that are open to all. If these hacks can avoid detection from its anti-cheat, it could compromise competitive integrity.

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