Even without the beta China has more Valorant teams than NA, Korea combined

Although it didn't have the beta, Chinese teams are ready to get to work in Valorant

There has been a real race to the professional Valorant scene by pretty much everyone out there. From CS:GO pros to some of Overwatch League’s biggest names, there is already a fight to be the best at a game that isn’t even out yet. It may surprise you to know, however, that although China didn’t have regional access to the Valorant beta, they already have more professional teams than North America, South Korea, Europe, and Brazil combined.

Tyler Erzberger from ESPN notes this on Twitter with an image showcasing a mighty 35 logos representing the already organised teams preparing for Valorant’s release. As it’s early days in the Valorant pro scene (understandable as the game isn’t even out yet), we have no idea how these teams are going to perform against the rest of the world. A question that will hang over the Chinese teams’ heads as they don’t have a particularly fruitful CS:GO scene – the title Valorant is heavily inspired by.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the largest populations on the planet can rival most other regions with the number of professional players, however, it is normally South Korea that dominates in the esports world – especially in Riot’s League of Legends.

We are all waiting for the release of Valorant which happens in a matter of hours for those in Asian regions, on June 2. You can find out when Valorant will be available in your region here.