Riot already has a host city shortlist for its Valorant Champions Tour LAN

Valorant characters Omen and Yoru

While the host city for this year’s League of Legends World Championship has already been revealed as Shenzhen, China, Riot Games is yet to say where its end of year LAN for the Valorant Champions Tour will take place.

However, according to Riot’s global head of competitive operations, the team already has a shortlist of host cities that covers “pretty much every region” in the Champions Tour. Speaking to The Loadout as part of an in depth interview about the upcoming Valorant season, Alex Francois confirms that progress is being made and that Riot is exploring a number of options for where it wants to host Valorant Champions in December.

“We’ve got cities that we prefer, but they’re pretty much in every region,” Francois reveals. “And that’s part of having that international aspect [to the Champions Tour], both with the story we’re trying to tell and Riot’s footprint in multiple regions. So we haven’t narrowed it down to one or two regions – we feel like we can hold a pretty compelling event in a lot of regions.”

Francois also says that fans can expect to hear an announcement regarding a host city within “the next month or two” and that planning around the pandemic has meant choosing a destination is taking longer than expected.

“We’re really close,” he says. “We’re working actively on [choosing a host city] and we’ve narrowed it down to a few cities. COVID has made it very difficult to lock in a lot of plans. Essentially, it’s hard enough planning for Champions, planning for the possibility of quarantine, planning for the possibility of extended travel time being needed – it’s all taken a bit longer for us to lock down those plans.”

No specific cities were mentioned, but Francois did highlight Europe, North America, and Asia as regions he would love to see the Champions final hosted in.

You can read our full Champions Tour interview with Francois, which touches on competitive integrity, creating storylines, and future franchising on Friday, January 21, here on The Loadout.

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