Valorant player ReFleck banned for cheating in scrims

Valorant character Jett stands in front of a blurred background, nonchalantly juggling a kunai in her hand

A Valorant player has been banned from the game after cheating in a scrim against Dignitas Female. Juliana ‘showliana’ Maransaldi shared a screenshot of Valorant’s famous ‘hacker detected’ screen on Twitter, with the caption “NO MEIO DO TREINO” which translates as “in the middle of training”. Amanda ‘rain’ Smith quoted the tweet, confirming that the ban occurred during a scrimming session.

Unfortunately, cheating is still rife when you’re climbing the Valorant ranked ladder and in professional play – despite Riot Games’ numerous and ongoing attempts to remove all cheaters and hackers from the game. It’s always infuriating when, no matter where your character ranks on the Valorant tier list or how good your gameplay is, someone else is ruining the fun by cheating their way to victory.

The Anti-Cheat Police Department, a voluntary organisation not affiliated with Riot or Valorant, confirm that the player banned was ‘ReFleck’, who was rank seven on the Valorant leaderboard.

You can check out the video of the mid-match ban below:

As you can tell by Dignitas Female’s confused comms in the video, they were in disbelief that someone would cheat in scrims. ReFleck also deleted all his socials after the clip was posted.

Valorant is one of the biggest esports games, so both players and fans will be hoping that the issues with high-level cheating are sorted out before the upcoming Red Bull Valorant Home Ground tournament. As one of the biggest esports tournaments of the calendar, Riot’s Vanguard anti-cheat software needs to remain vigilant to ensure the integrity of the competition.

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