Ardiis says G2 has the “five best individuals” in Valorant esports

This is arguably the most confident post-game interview esports has ever seen...

G2’s Valorant pro Ardis ‘Ardiis’ Svarenieks believes that his roster is the most “individually skilled” in the entire competitive Valorant scene right now after winning the WePlay! Invitational.

The British-Latvian gave an extremely confident interview after defeating his old team, fish123, in the final of the WePlay! event, and Ardiis claims that with his unstoppable form (he’s currently won all ten competition finals he’s played in so far) he feels like he’s “walking on water” when playing Valorant. He also believes that the G2 roster is currently the best in terms of individual skill in the world right now.

“Our players don’t have a weakness,” Ardiis says following the G2 victory. “We have the best five individual players… Right now, there are too many people on [other] teams just dragging other down. You’ve got to realise we’re doing this off of no practice – well, a little bit of practice – but mostly this is all just feeling. I think we’re more individually skilled than any team in Valorant right now, hands down, by a mile.”

While only four of the G2 team that played in the WePlay! Invitational are officially contracted to the organisation, the performance from Belgian stand-in David ‘Davidp’ Prins will likely be enough to earn him a permanent spot – especially seeing as Ardiis considers him to be one of the world’s top five.

The G2 team has quickly established itself as the team to beat in Europe, but Ardiis thinks the roster could definitely come out on top against the majority of North American teams, who he says are “underdeveloped” and often have two or three players dragging down their star Valorant fraggers.

Ardiis and G2’s brash confidence is certainly not unwarranted. The insane level its players have been playing at throughout Valorant’s short lifespan means they are not just one to watch in the European scene but around the world.

While Valorant’s Ignition Series is only focusing on regional events right now, it will be super interesting to see Valorant esports eventually hit the international stage and see if Ardiis can back up the talk and take down some of NA’s top teams and fulfil G2 CEO Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez’s dream of having a world-beating Valorant squad.