Valorant Act 3’s battle pass will be “much easier to finish”

Let’s be honest, battle passes are a real grind. Their shiny new skins and cosmetics are enticing at first, but by the time you hit mid-season, the realization that you’re probably not going to make it to the end soon hits you. Well, those days should be over in Valorant because Riot Games has made the Act 3 battle pass easier to complete.

Obtaining that tier 50 melee skin was a right old task in Valorant’s previous seasons. The daily and weekly missions were hard to complete over a two month period and a lot of the extra modes, like Deathmatch, offered pathetic amounts of experience points.

Well, it seems Riot Games has listened to the feedback because this battle pass should be “much easier to finish.” The duration of the pass has been extended from two to three months, difficult missions have been removed, and Deathmatch has been updated to offer more XP.

“There’s no bonus XP in the Act 3 battle pass,” the developers say on Twitter. “But you’ll find this battle pass much easier to finish. The time frame is extended, there are lower total game requirements, and weekly missions have been rebalanced for a smoother climb.”

Given this Act’s battle pass, which costs 1,000 VP if you want to go premium, includes some sick skins like the Ruin, Jade, and Surge lines for some of the most popular weapons out there, many will be relieved by this change.

Now you can actually feel like your hard work in ranked Valorant is actually paying off.