Valorant’s game director thanks players for bearing with “rocky” Act 2 release

With a new agent, Battle Pass, and mode all being thrown at players, the release of Valorant Act 2 has been less than plain sailing. A number of fresh bugs have emerged, some quick fixes have had to be made, and the next Ignition Series esport tournament will be without new agent Killjoy.

Valorant’s game director has now taken to Twitter to thank players for sticking with Riot’s tactical shooter despite the “somewhat rocky” start to Act 2, and the official Valorant account also apologised for Patch 1.05 being so “unstable.”

“With the (somewhat rocky) release of Act 2, I want to take a moment to thank all our players who have joined us on this journey to evolve and iterate on Valorant,” game director Joseph Ziegler says. “You are always on our mind and we are always working to continue to improve the game. Thank you!”

With new agent Killjoy experiencing a number of issues, FaZe Clan, which is hosting the next Invitational tournament of the Ignition Series, has announced that she will not be usable for the teams competing at the event as she could “negatively impact the competitive integrity” of the event.

Valorant’s official account issued another apology for this, saying that the lack of Killjoy action during the FaZe Invitational was “on us.”

Riot is likely working at double pace to address the new issues created by the release of Act 2 as the majority of its workforce will be taking a mandatory holiday next week to help employees “disconnect, reboot, and recharge.”