Upcoming Xbox Series X games: all the new releases

Want to know what's on the horizon for Xbox in terms of new Xbox Series games? Here are all the upcoming Xbox Series X games confirmed for release this year

Upcoming Xbox Series X Games 2023: Hunter from Wild Hearts Karakuri trailer

What are the upcoming Xbox Series games? The dust has settled on the next generation of consoles and a lot of us are looking ahead at what games we can play in the future. So, here’s a list of all the upcoming Xbox Series X games you can look forward to in 2022 and beyond – there are some quality titles in the pipeline for this machine.

With highly-anticipated triple-A games on the way, along with some real indie game of the year contenders, it’s clear there are some real contenders for the best Xbox Series X game to get excited about.

But with so many games on the horizon, it can be tricky to keep track of when and where games will drop. Well, that’s where we come in. In this list below, you’ll find all the upcoming Xbox Series X games worth your salt in 2022 and beyond, complete with their release dates, and where you’ll be able to find them.

New Xbox Series X games

With pretty much every Microsoft-owned studio working on triple-A games, it’s an exciting time to be an Xbox fan. In our list below, you’ll find all the new Xbox Series games coming to the console this year, plus some handy links for pre-ordering.

We’ll keep this list up to date as more release dates trickle in, but for now here’s the full list of upcoming Xbox Series games. Note, those that will be on Xbox Game Pass, will be marked as such.

January 2023

February 2023

March 2023

April 2023

May 2023

June 2023


  • Mato Anomalies – Q1 2023
  • Redfall release date – Q1/Q2 2023
  • Starfield release date – Q1/Q2 2023
  • Layers of Fears – early 2023
  • Forza Motorsport – Spring 2023
  • Lightyear Frontier – Spring 2023
  • The Last Case of Benedict Fox – Spring 2023
  • Valheim – Spring 2023
  • Alan Wake 2 – 2023
  • Aliens Dark Descent – 2023
  • ARK 2 – 2023
  • Cocoon – 2023
  • Crown Wars: The Black Prince – 2023
  • Ereban Shadow Legacy – 2023
  • Exoprimal – 2023
  • Gangs of Sherwood – 2023
  • Hyenas – 2023
  • Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection – 2023
  • Minecraft Legends – 2023
  • Paradize Project – 2023
  • Ravenlock – 2023
  • Stalker 2 – 2023
  • Super Bomberman R 2 – 2023
  • Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown – 2023


  • Hellblade 2: Senua’s Sacrifice – TBA
  • Avowed – TBA
  • Contraband – TBA
  • Everwild – TBA
  • Fable – TBA
  • Hollow Knight Silksong – TBA
  • Perfect Dark – TBA
  • Ravenswatch – TBA
  • Skate – TBA

So there you have it, our list of the upcoming Xbox Series X games. As you can see, there’s plenty to look forward to, but if you’re feeling you need to scratch a gaming itch, take a look at our best Xbox Series X games, our best Xbox Game Pass games, and our best Xbox Series X strategy games.