Ludwig is making the next big Twitch game show for xQc

YouTuber and streamer Ludwig has just co-launched a new creative agency called Offbrand. It's first client is the biggest streamer on Twitch, xQc

Twitch XqC Game show Ludwig: Streamer Ludwig talks into a streaming mic, wearing a black cap and black t shirt

Streamer and YouTuber Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren has just launched a new creative agency, Offbrand, and its first client couldn’t be bigger. Offbrand’s first project will be a brand new, six-part game show on Twitch called Juiced, that will be aired on Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s channel – xQc, of course, being the most watched streamer on the platform.

Juiced’s first episode will air on September 30, and will apparently take on the style of kids game shows from the 1990’s. The Washington Post reports that this will feature both physical and trivia challenges, and there will also be some well-known punishments ripped straight from that era of television, with contestants getting slimed – or “juiced”, in this case – from a giant replica of xQc’s nose.

Ludwig, of course, is no stranger to hosting live spinoffs of popular game shows, with his now-finished Mogul Money series pitting popular streamers (including xQc) against each other in head-to-head trivia.

As Ludwig explains to The Washington Post, Offbrand will aim to help streamers of all sizes host and get partnerships for larger-scale events – something he says is crucial for the longevity of a content creator’s career and is a “more sustainable way to stream”.

The idea of a high-production event with xQc front and centre is certainly novel – while the streamer is the most watched creator on Twitch, the Canadian is all about lots of air time with no frills content.

Ludwig also says he wants Offbrand to create events that are not just high viewership in the moment, but that are viral “pieces of culture”.

Ludwig is not alone in launching Offbrand, with three other experienced minds alongside him running the operation: Nick Allen, who previously held roles at Twitch and talent agency Loaded, is currently the president and COO of Ludwig’s Mogul Moves venture; Nathan ‘Stanz’ Stanz, a content creator and former general manager at esports organisation Gen.G, and Brandon ‘Atrioc’ Ewing, another content creator with past experience at Twitch and Nvidia.

Last year, Ludwig set a new record for the highest Twitch subscriber count during his month-long Subathon, but left the platform months later to stream exclusively on YouTube.