The weirdest Twitch clips of 2020

Geese, prime ministers, and Cyberjunk - here are the strangest moments on Twitch from the last 12 months

So last year, in what was The Loadout’s first Christmas as a wee baby, I decided to trawl through a year’s worth of Twitch clips to dig up some of the weirdest moments the platform had to offer. It was a proper slog, but it was worth it.

This year, to save me from tears, I’ve been steadily compiling a list of bizarre or downright hilarious clips as the days have rolled by. However, there’s a problem. I was going to show you Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel stepping in dog piss while immersed in VR. I was going to show you ‘MOONMOON’ killing a squirrel while playing golf. I was going to show you F1 driver Lando Norris bumping a Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm banger on his way to a race. But with thousands of DMCA notices landing in streamers’ inboxes, many have completely cleared their back catalogue of clips. You can imagine my face when I revisited this list last week.

Fear not though, because some clips managed to survive the copyright apocalypse and are still up on Twitch for your viewing pleasure. So, once again, I’ve trawled through the archives to compile a wonderful list of 2020’s weirdest (and DMCA-safe) moments.

So sit back, relax, and revel in Twitch’s eccentricity.

Airsoftphatty is attacked by his own headset

“Oh hey, I didn’t recognise you with that eyepatch. What happened?”


Hitch encounters the most nonchalant stream sniper ever

IRL streamer ‘Hitch’ has become well known for his incredible travel streams, hitchhiking across entire continents while bringing viewers along for the ride.

While his hitchhike across Europe to TwitchCon Amsterdam was cut short by the pandemic in early 2020, he at least managed to run into one of the smoothest stream snipers we’ve ever seen before he had to end his adventure.

Just days later, it even happened again – admittedly though, this one was a bit more obvious.

Souljaboy freestyles over RuneScape’s Sea Shanty 2

Souljaboy, who readers of a certain age will remember fondly, found a second calling as a Twitch streamer this year. While many have been mesmerized by fellow rapper T-Pain’s bars on Twitch, he never rapped over RuneScape’s iconic Sea Shanty 2, did he?

Dota 2 DreamLeague major’s horny interlude

This year’s League of Legends World Championships final showed what is technically possible with opening ceremonies in esports. In Dota land, they roped in this guy to entertain fans at the DreamLeague Season 13 Leipzig Major. Props to desk host Rich Campbell for vibing out – and for keeping a straight face.

Valorant streamer gets headshotted by a magpie

Australia is home to many terrifying creatures. Spiders as big as your face, sharks, snakes, and… magpies?

This Valorant streamer was probably expecting to get one-tapped in the head at some point, but not by mother nature.


These two exuberant Koreans, most likely a few beers deep, showed why IRL streaming is so great and unpredictable.

Broxh hair flicks for New Zealand’s Prime Minister

Widely regarded as Twitch’s most wholesome and chilled out streamer, Dayton ‘Broxh’ Taputu is a recognisable face in his home nation of New Zealand. Sadly, this means he is prone to getting stream-sniped by fans – including the prime minister.

IRL streamer gets Goose Game’d

If Untitled Goose Game taught the world one thing, it is to never trust a goose. Some people never learn…

FPS god Shroud is past his best…

Over the years, Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has made a name for himself as one of Twitch’s most cracked streamers. The guy has thousands of clips of crazy plays, impressive clutches, and unbelievable precision shots. But since returning to Twitch earlier this year as the more chilled and beardy ‘Uncle Shroud’, we’re worried he’s lost his touch.

Trainwrecks receives his diagnosis

Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam has one of the most dedicated and passionate fan bases on all of Twitch. Clearly concerned for his health, a viewer decided to get the streamer a diagnosis from his local medical professional. Caring, right? Wrong.

Bajo is amazed by Cyberpunk 2077’s detailed character creator

The flavour of the month in December on Twitch was, of course, Cyberpunk 2077. Or should we say, Cyberjunk?

There are too many hilarious clips of streamers exploring the game’s genitalia slider in the character creator, so we’ve gone with Steve ‘Bajo’ O’Donnell’s wondrous expression.

Long live the Cyberjunk.

Ludwig catches out the Botez sisters

No streamer really wants the label of being a ‘Reaction Andy’ – but they all bloody do it. Reacting to other streamers’ content is a staple entertainment form, but Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren caught popular chess streamers the Botez sisters in the act. Got ’em.

Streamer hits the whip so hard he dislocates his shoulder

Have you ever hit the whip so hard that you’ve dislocated your shoulder? Well, ‘udysof’ has, and he’s so dedicated to Twitch that he even streamed himself from the hospital.

The things people will do for content…

While the DMCApocalypse wiped a massive portion of this year’s hilarious clips off the platform forever, the fact that we could unearth such a treasure trove of bizarre moments is a testament to the amount of amazing content happening on Twitch.

Even in a year as testing as 2020, streamers still find a way to make us laugh, weird us out, or generally embarrass themselves. And for that, we should be eternally grateful.

Here’s to 2021.