The weirdest Twitch clips of 2019

Clowns, exploding eggs, and dancing pensioners. What more can you ask from Twitch?


Let’s be honest, Twitch is a really, really weird place to be sometimes.

It’s no secret that streamers create some hysterically bizarre moments when they’re broadcasting live. Whether it’s gamers, esports pros, casters, IRL streamers, musicians, or artists, Twitch is full of characters doing generally ridiculous stuff. So, naturally, there’s hours and hours worth of content floating around the Twitchosphere that defy logic, defy physics, or just defy normal human behaviour.

So, to honour the clips that have made us laugh, cry, shriek, and facepalm over the last 12 months, we’ve gone into the depths of Twitch to unearth some of the freakiest and strangest moments. That’s right, we’ve now watched so many livestream fail clips, that we’ve gone insane. Along the way, you’ll spot some familiar faces from the world of streaming, as well as some of the stories we’ve covered on The Loadout this year. There will be exploding eggs, melting phones, dancing pensioners, and Post Malone cosplays, so sit back, buckle up, and brace yourself because this is The Loadout’s weirdest Twitch clips of 2019.

10 – JakenBake encounters a dancing Dr DisRespect in Tokyo

When JakenBake headed to Tokyo for some Halloween celebrations, he bumped into a party-goer dressed as popular streamer Dr DisRespect. What he didn’t expect to see were some impressive dance moves from ‘The Doc’ when he began blasting out his famous theme song. We wonder if the actual Two-Time can get down like this.

9 – Limmy’s tilers are watching his stream

Scottish comedian turned streamer Brian ‘Limmy’ Limond is something of a celebrity in his home nation, and when you’re that well-known, super fans can appear anywhere – even in your own house.

Limmy is left dumbfounded when he discovers the chaps downstairs – who are supposed to be tiling his kitchen – are in fact watching his stream. If any Scots can lend a hand with translation, we’d be eternally grateful…

8 – Korean streamer’s Death Stranding cosplay, featuring her pet dog

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the winner of cosplay of the year. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do to change our minds.

7 – Papa Pixels has got some moves

We could try to explain this weird clip, but what’s the point. Here’s an old man in a Hawaiian shirt dancing to Justin Timberlake with the raving crab meme in the background.

Can someone tell us why Papa Pixels only has 5,000 followers by the way? He deserves so much more for these iconic moves.

6 – Dr DisRespect casts Shroud’s PUBG play

Is there anything this man can’t do? It turns out Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm is a dab-hand at casting as he gave an exuberant commentary of Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek playing PUBG. Casters, watch out. The Two-Time is coming for you.

5 – Streamer creates custom ‘goose controller’ to play Untitled Goose Game

Rudeism has a history of streaming himself playing games with an arsenal of ridiculous custom controllers. He’s played Dark Souls with a frying pan and Super Monkey Ball with a balance board, but here he channelled his inner goose to play one of the year’s most memorable games.

4 – Polish streamer’s near miss with an exploding egg

Polish streamer Edipereiro got more than bargained for with this little eggs-periment. While entertaining his viewers by microwaving various items, such as a bar of soap and a bag of crisps, he then popped in a humble egg for a few minutes. The result? A mini bomb that goes off just a few inches from his face and showers his living room in fragments of egg. Say it with us: science rules.

3 – Cryaotic scores some shrooms on Pokemon Sword and Shield

When Cryaotic went venturing through the Galar region in Pokemon Sword and Shield, he probably didn’t expect to be offered some class A drugs. The variety streamer encountered some rather – erm, experimental – Pokemon trainers in the Wild Area who appeared to be offering up some psychedelics. This must be the first ever drug deal in Pokemon history.

2 – The most elaborate donation alert in Twitch history

Usually, you’d expect a humble donation alert to fit comfortably within the 60 second time frame of a Twitch clip. But not if you’re Trevor ‘88bitmusic’ Gomes.

The talented music streamer created what could be the best donation alert on Twitch. When receiving a donation of exactly $45.67, a full four minute cover of Toto’s famous hit Africa plays, along with a mesmerising on screen display of randomness. The footage of when the alert was played for the first time on stream might be one of the most wholesome Twitch moments ever. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some Toto.

1 – Streamer falls asleep on stream, wakes to find hundreds of people watching

With only a few thousand followers, JesseDStreams doesn’t expect a massive audience when he goes live. It turns out that the best way to change that is to fall asleep on stream.

By the time the streamer came round, he found hundreds of people were watching him sleep. The clip has since become the most watched clip ever in the Just Chatting category with over 3.5 million views.

Some honourable mentions

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang streams with several other Disguised Toasts.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel melts his phone during a cooking stream.

Angelica ‘AyyTrae’ Trae nails Post Malone impersonation.

PaymoneyWubby dresses as a clown to roast Twitch for banning him.

Collegiate Fortnite tournament winners tell their interviewer that they hate Fortnite.

And Maya Higa makes her horse very happy…

So there we have it, our rundown of Twitch’s weirdest clips of 2019 is complete. Here’s hoping 2020 will be just as strange.