Twitch changes ads to make them less intrusive

The streaming platform has made a number of changes to better the viewing experience for users

We all know advertisements can be intrusive and frustrating, especially when you’re trying to watch someone stream. Well, it looks like Twitch has listened to your feedback, because the platform is set to change the way it uses ads on the site.

As discussed at TwitchCon San Diego, the Amazon-owned streaming platform wants to make ads less intrusive and more inclusive for its users. In order to pull this off, Twitch has announced it will be sharing video ad revenue with affiliates, and removing video ads from non-affiliate and non-partner channels. So, you’ll only get video ads for big streamers now, and a portion of that money will go straight back to the streamer.

Twitch is also making sure you don’t miss out on any of the action by adding picture-by-picture viewing for ad breaks. This essentially means that an ad will still play in the main video player, but the stream will appear muted in a smaller window above the chat, so you don’t miss any gameplay.

The volume level of ads will be equalised to match that of the stream and partners and affiliates will also be able to disable pre-roll ads if they opt to have regular ad breaks. Streamers who run a 60 second or longer ad break, won’t have pre-roll ads running for 20 minutes, while 30 second ad breaks will disable pre-roll ads for 10 minutes.

Ads will also no longer be played during raids.

Overall, the ad changes, which are being rolled out as we speak, have been welcomed by the community, who feel that their voices have been heard. Some users even say they might consider removing their ad blocker if implemented correctly so they can support their favourite streamers.

With better options for viewers and streamers alike, Twitch’s latest change is a win-win situation for everyone involved.