An Untitled Goose Game fan channeled his inner goose on stream

The streamer made a custom goose controller that he could wear to control Untitled Goose Game

Rudeism streamer

Ever since Untitled Goose Game came out last week, the Internet has been rife with bird-related puns and a strong desire to honk at just about everything. For one streamer, this desire was so strong, that he actually channeled his inner goose and became one.

Rudeism, who is a game designer by day, turned himself into a controllable goose for the stream because he likes to push the boundaries of how we all experience games. Complete with flippers, gloves and a cardboard beak, the streamer created a complicated system that he could play the game with.

The streamer is known for pushing the limits of controller technology in games. In the past, Rudeism has taken on Rocket League with a Rock Band Guitar, Ocarina of Time with an Ocarina, and Dark Souls with a frying pan but this is just something else.

Explaining the reasoning behind the decision to make himself into a controller, he tells chat, “My girlfriend Ellie thought it might be a good idea to try and build a controller for this game. So I rolled with it, I used my know-how and here we are.

“Normally when I build controllers I use a little circuit board which is connected to a bunch of sensors. This controller uses three arduinos. I need three USB cables to get this thing running, that’s how stupidly complex this is.

“I’ve got a pair of gloves to handle flapping and kind of movement. Feet actually handle movement. I’ve got a thumb stick which actually handles the direction I’m going to move but I won’t move until I flap my feet around – I’ve rigged it up especially that way. And then, you’ve got this bad boy, the beak, which has a small blood stain on it. The way this works is that underneath, in among some slightly larger blood stains is a bit of circuitry, so there’s another motion sensor in there, and a microphone. If I speak or honk, we will honk.”

Even though Rudeism carefully put the controller together himself, he still wasn’t sure if it was going to work. But his reaction to his first honk is possibly the best thing we’ve seen all day.

Unfortunately, Rudeism’s Untitled Goose Game time was cut short just after the hour mark when one of the wires in his glove controller came loose.

Thanks, PC Gamer.